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My Journey
of Inner Strength

Birdi Sinclair - Begin Peace - Truth or Dare

Do not go where the path may lead. Instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Bit of My Story

I left home at 9. I was guided somehow, that this was a good idea. I know you have questions, everyone does. It took me years to talk about it because I simply wanted to live and be in the present with people and not be "different." While I wanted to live without drama or chaos, and the questions undeniably made things strange for a while, if I really want to share, I think it's more because I had to understand it within - like when we say we're staying together for the kids. Are we? Typically not. Now, it's simply a piece of my story, my roots, because it is.

levitating feet

By the time I was 17, I had traveled through the country, met some fascinating people filled with kindness, spirituality, lives of daring and richness they were willing to share with me. I was parented by the universe. Was it all wonderful? No, of course not. Obviously, no. My inner guidance which comes from??? and my experiences with so many ways of being, living, dying... were all instrumental in my sense of resilience, resourcefulness, my knowing of what is possible. 

I ran from a group home I had been at for a short time, left high school and took the GED right after my 16th birthday, passed and enrolled in that community college program the same week. I had already filed papers to become emancipated prior to this, and completed a community college Associates program by the time my peers were graduating high school. To me, this was fascinating, because I essentially barely ever went to school much beyond 3rd grade. The universe clearly provided great opportunities for me to keep learning while my young life was so disrupted and chaotic.

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levitating feet on landscape
Expanded mind women profile

From here, I became a hospice nurse in the NYC area during the early days of AIDS, had a baby, choose "the wrong guys" for my spirit and goals in life, and started to try and live like a "normal person." Ok, whatever THAT means. It happens to a lot of us. My early years didn't set me up for understanding this very well. I felt more like Mowgli from the Jungle Book, excited to join the Village of Man, and then disillusioned by what I found there. 

Unable to go back to the Jungle, because now I was also changed, where did I belong? Where was home?

Like Mowgli, I had to return to my roots. My core of peace and knowing that guided me as a very tiny person. Home is within. Remember. 

misty tree with 2 birds

My education and interests continue to this day. I'm a bit insatiable, really.

It took forever to complete my BA, and then my MA, and another, and finally my Doctorate in 2021.

Also, I play the clarinet and ukulele very badly and know a crazy pants lot about birds and mollusks - go ahead, ask me. 


My connection to Nature, Spirit, Intuition, is very strong. They are like primary senses, along with sight, hearing, etc. My relationship and growth with life, and death is very much aligned with Nature, Engaged Buddhism, and other spiritual and formal trainings. I have certificates, degrees, trainings up the ying, and have been fortunate to train with some wonderful thought leaders - time and place is helpful - but they all parallel my passions to connect you with you and you with more. I KNOW there is no reason for loneliness. There is no reason for hunger, fear, anxiety... We all experience these things, and yet, there is a way to care for your Self well. We are created for a spectrum of all emotion, but primarily, we are created for love. 

Birdi Sinclair's dog's eyes

I live in New Hampshire with my sweetheart of 20 some years and a baby dragon disguised as a small dog. My babies are grown and flown - so amazing. Don't believe many statistical stories that want to create boxes. My kids are accomplished, balanced, loving interesting people who are stable, designers of their lives and involved in community! They should be what? Not that coming from a mother with my story - who or what should you be? Right. Throw it out. What else can you toss out?

Truth or Dare - Choose your adventure. 

Be here now. Nothing to hide, or prove. Simply be, not do. 


Birdi Sinclair's dog's eyes
one tree in mist with 2 birds
Birdi Sinclair's dog's eyes
tree and birds
Birdi Sinclair's dog's eyes
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My Mission

Society, our backgrounds, the sheer complexity and lack of structure has not prepared many of us for how to be grounded in peace, how to connect and be present, how to approach taboo subjects or fears of death and abandonment, of loss and nothingness, how to recover from betrayals and create meaningful relationships, life path decisions. We are unsure as a society how to Be not Do and how to claim the connection to spirituality that is separate from organized religion, that is within us.


We are all Mowgli in our own way, finding our harmony and wholeness within so we feel engaged in the world. 

Embracing love, liberating from our wounds or fears, and gaining peace in each chosen moment with clarity, confidence and connection, no matter what our circumstances. THIS is my mission, to share this truth with you. Will you join me?

Ripple and Thrive! 

tea kettle

My Method

My techniques are intentional and also responsive to your uniqueness. In my 30 years of learning, meeting, caring, teaching, presenting, honing, BEING with all of you, and myself, I have created some signature methods, processes that are tested and are as unconventional as my story. How could they be anything else? We are all one of a kind. I have devoted my life to life itself, in a spiritual and engaged learning. Everything I do is founded in science, spirituality, common sense, joy, a bit of the undeniable, natural mystical... and always kindness.


How many times have we said or thought, wished for a "manual" of life, death, parenting, partnering, deciding? I have scaffolding for you for exactly these times. In the many ways we can be together, sessions, classes, workshops, coaching plans, or even the products and art I have caringly created, they are all designed from this scaffolding, these signature techniques I have assembled and mastered to join you in your growth and challenges from a grounded, curious, useful, and purposeful place. 

Come on in. The music is probably poppin and my hands are into something. We'll have tea. There's always time, and always tea.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

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