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Contact me directly. These are the many ways. Email is the most direct for the quickest response to get us started. You, me. Let's start somewhere. 

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Be In Touch

What do you have in mind? What would be helpful to you? See something here that gives you an idea, or want more information? Whatever it is, please ask me. It's me, a person on the other end of this . Nice to meet you. 


All sessions, groups, classes, meetings, presentations, retreats, and so on are virtual, so they are by video platforms like Zoom, Google Meets, and many others, or by phone - internet phone, cell phone, landline.  Some classes are pre-recorded, and they will be listed clearly. 

Any courses, classes = No art experience or professional artists all welcome. Art, writing, and other creative inclusions are used as vehicles to give the inner self a language we can understand more clearly. It's not really about art, it's always about wholeness. There are always a few scholarship seats or sliding scale options available for everything I offer. Please ask if you feel it would be helpful for you or someone you care for. 

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Open Hours

I am in Eastern Standard Time. I schedule most days of the week and respond to email messages the fastest, then phone. 

Here's a link to Time Buddy, an easy time zone convertor site:

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