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What is Spiritual Coaching, Spiritual Counseling or Spiritual Direction?

They are similar and different. Spirituality, our Essential Self or our I AM, is a foundation we explore in all instances. As I am ordained and rooted as Interfaith, our time is not about a particular denomination or religious path unless this is what you are bringing to our meetings. It is about the deeper spiritual, soulful wholeness, the values, morality, purpose, and passions we ARE and each person is expressing, and exploring in their own inner and outer lives. 

This is suitable for individuals, couples or non-traditional relationships, families, groups, organizations,
in times of crisis, transitions, or simply for a tune-up or discovery time.
Now for the differences:

Spiritual Life Coaching


Spiritual Life Coaching

Life coaching with a spiritual anchor.

We approach your ideas, goal creation with curiosity, and focus. There is planning, goals, exploration, discovery, kindness.

Any category of life. 

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A Spiritual Life Coach and a Spiritual Director are two different experiences for you and also different certifications, skills, and trainings. Some may call themselves these thing without any training. People are even calling themselves Spiritual Counselors without having any education or maybe a strangely acquired certificate. They may have a specific spiritual or religious agenda or school of thought, or they may not. These are not regulated fields. Please feel comfortable asking about anyone's training, beliefs, background to be more sure they are a good fit for your needs at this time, and feel good about addressing questions as they arise in you. Maybe certifications and education is not important to you as much as feel and experience or spiritual alignment. This is your path. Be informed and follow your truth. Your inner wisdom is always available to you, even when you are feeling overwhelm, vulnerable or unsure. Trust yourSelf.

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Let's meet. Let's commit to your goals for our time and make a plan as part of our shared commitment. 

You are ready, that's why you're here. Your curiosity and inner wisdom with my experienced methods, will combine and we will create a true, meaningful growth in this time of change in your life.  We can meet for one session first. A lot can be clarified in one meeting. We can set a plan from there. I am with you. 

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Couples / Relationships

Conventional and Non-conventional relationship structures, LGBTQA+ and others - you know who you are, let's tune up. Relationship coaching is one of my favorites. We are hard-wired for love, learning, growth. Coming together, blending, questioning, configuring dynamics, or even learning to separate well, let's meet.

Communications Coaching is where it's at. 



There are 2 types of groups - Themed and Private Group Sessions. Private Groups - contact me with your Ideas. Themed Groups: If I am not already running one that is of interest to your needs, contact me with your ideas. Groups, community - is an excellent and important way to grow, explore, heal. They are live, inclusive, supportive themed spaces that I facilitate. 

Some are free, some for a fee.  Join in. 

Here is where and what to schedule: 

if my calendar does not show any times that match your needs, simply email me.  I have limited weekend and weekday times that are not reflected in the online scheduler.  I also offer a sliding scale and accept FSA/HSA payments if needed. Email is ALWAYS the best way to reach me:
  • Spiritual Direction, Grief Care, Intuitive Readings, Counseling: 1:1 S...

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    1 hr

    150 US dollars
  • Couple or 2 people, or sometimes we know we need more time.

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    2 hr

    300 US dollars
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