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Individual service descriptions get us started. Everything can have a bit of everything mixed in. Let me know if there's something you have in mind that is not listed here. Also, if you require a sliding scale fee, we can talk about that too.

Ask me what you need to.  

Also, press the button to get to my online course platform to see if there is a course that will be of help, support, interest. There are many ways to have that inner conversation.

  • Spiritual Direction, Grief Care, Intuitive Readings, Counseling: 1:1 S...
    1 hr
    150 US dollars
  • Online
    Couple or 2 people, or sometimes we know we need more time.
    2 hr
    300 US dollars

Plans are available for ongoing care, relationship coaching, personal development, EOL Doula Services, and ritual/ceremony creation. Anything where an ongoing, focused commitment between us is a benefit for you and your needs.

Cat and Dog

Animal Companion Specific Services