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Outdoor Wedding Table
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Ritual and Ceremony Design

I believe in ritual and ceremony as 2 separate and sometimes overlapping things. I believe, regardless of one's spirituality they are pivotal in Between times, and marking movement, growth, healing, change,  understanding. Rites of Passage is no small thing, even if we are the only ones who notice. 

Read a little and then let's start with a consultation. 

Ideas of Ritual or Ceremony Design

guiding event and ritual creation to honor life's changes

There are moments in our lives that we tell time by, or rites of passage as we move from one place, condition, awareness, community to another in our understanding, role, commitment, presence. Understanding too, that as we go through the passage from one to another, we are in Between, what was to what is and then will be. We only have an idea of what we are becoming once we cross the threshold, we have not fully absorbed this newness. That is also part of ritual, to usher ourselves into ourselves once the ceremony has completed its job.

Creating a space with others, even with our own selves privately, to witness, honor, and step through, blooms a sense of sacredness, a deeper wholeness that we know the moment is asking for. It can be a challenge to know where to start, or how to bring the ideas together into flow. This is where I have the experience and skills to help. 

Think of me like the choreographer who teaches the wedding dance, but doesn't attend, or the event coordinator but for the inner experience. Let's talk about it. I honor you. You lead the way. 

Outdoor Wedding Table
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