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What is Relationship Communication Coaching?

Communication Coaching is not like counseling. Here couples, or non-traditional relationships, meet to learn effective communication paths, to express and receive. Sharing thoughts, feelings, plans, ideas, experiences. This is for coming together, or even separating or undecided - the between spaces. 

Often times, people may be resistant to couples to "couples counseling" and find it to be one person venting, a lot of rehashing old and unresolved pains, and the other person tends to shut down feeling ganged up on. The ride home and days after tend to be very difficult. This can go on with little progress for a long time, until the couple ends the meetings, exhausted, and resumes a lot of patterns with minimal learning of paths forward. 

Let's do something VERY different.  Ask about a sliding scale as needed. 

Holding Plant

Begin in the Now

Where are you each NOW?
Who are you NOW?
We will not rehash.
I'll explain why. 

Let's Engage. Try Something New. Take a Risk.Trust. 

We meet virtually. You can each be in the same or different places. 


Schedule a consult and we'll see if this is a fit

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