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Intuitive Channel

Engaged Mystic

What is this all about? It's about wholeness, connection, presence, trust.

Is it real, not real? YES. 

Picnic Tea





  1. a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect."the poetry of the 16th-century Spanish mystic, St. John of the Cross"

Spirit of Flowers Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace

psychic spirit medium 

Our relationships with our people continue, and so they seem to know what is most needed about your life circumstances as well as about your loved ones at the time of our sessions. It's a discussion, right? They want to talk about things that will make sense for them to talk about. Content about every day important things, or about what needs care with those who have passed. These meetings are never superficial, always intimate and timely. The details are evidentiary, meaning I don't ask questions, and they are things that are useful, loving, relevant and that I would have no way of knowing from your body language, words, or seeming demographics. 

Animal Connections Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace

animal communication

Animals have so much insight and intimate knowledge. These relationships are so precious. They will tell us so much more than thank you for the meaty bits, and I'm ok, or my belly hurts. They are with us at very specific times in our lives, and theirs. It can be helpful for behavioral questions and understanding things from their perspective as well. So many uses. It should all make sense, feel familiar. I will not talk about past life connections or guides. It will be recognizable information that I would not otherwise know about them, your home and habits together, and so on.  I'm sorry, I do not typically help locate lost animals/ lost pets.

 DNA Strand Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace

medical intuition

This is for people and animals. It can be very surprisingly specific, reaffirming, guiding, but please know this is an adjunct to medical care, not a substitute for and never diagnostic. I have a link for 1 hr, but you can go to bookings and choose Longer Session if you think you'll need more time. We can be very specific about symptoms, tests, medical teams, medications, lifestyle habits, patterns, environments, circumstances. I will stick with recognizable information, no doom or gloom, spells, or aligning things. We will talk about body systems, behaviors, and care in a loving, direct manner. This is an area I take quite seriously. I will not frighten you. 

I have "been this way" since I was a small child, hatched like this. I have very definite opinions and practices. I have developed my practices and chosen what of my skills I offer as a service and which I do not. I am always willing to have a conversation. I will occasionally mentor someone. Contact me if this is interesting to you and we'll explore this. 

I do not engage in paranormal type situations, but I will talk with you about some practices so you don't get hoodwinked by someone. Everything is everywhere. The world is made of dinosaur bones, right? If you are experiencing something funky, re-tune your radio dial to love. Your frequency is off the station. Trust you are safer than you feel. Heal. I will help you heal if this is difficult for you, but I will not "send spooks into the light" or whatever. Love is the way. It is always the way. When you are worried or frightened, engage deeply for some clean love in you, around you. Don't make it harder than it is. We are hardwired for it.

Nothing is stronger. 

Something Fun

I've been reading cards since my grandmother started teaching me when I was around 4 years old. I've enjoyed so many decks! Morgan's Tarot is among my favorite decks. I've recently come across a terrific link that allows us to pull cards, read descriptions, even have a short "reading" - which I wouldn't put much stock into a random selector. However, I find to be a reflective way to be still and consider things. Enjoy! and if there's anything I can help with, well, you know I'm here!

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