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Reconnect with your core truths in times of change, healing, discovery. Your inner mysteries are waiting for this conversation. This 50+card deck is beautifully illustrated and ready to stop the spin when your mind is stuck in lists of that inner twirl. We all do it. It is a primitive form of self-protection. We are actually not problem solving in this space. Using strategies of mind, body, spirit wellness combined, very simply, this deck helps break the cycle of patterns, spinning, and polyvagal protective looping.


The prompts and imagery are easy to enjoy, bringing clarity, focus, connection. These are not oracle cards, yet they may be surprising how in tune they are with your truth and your moments.

Lean in. These are conversations your Self has been asking for....

The idea is simple. One Card with One Image and One phrase - and you ask your Self, What Else is True, and your Inner Wisdom guides you... as you feel into the story under the story: 


  • Ask: What else is true? When I have had challenges in the past, tried something new, risky, made a change, what helped me to succeed or feel cared for, whether it worked out as planned or not, AND I wasn’t worried if the other shoe would drop. Flip the list in your mind away from dread and self-protection and remind yourself you have the experience of being cared for and succeeding. Summons this experience within your truth. What can you learn about your self, your needs, and apply it to your current moment?

What Else Is True? Inner Wisdom Deck

  • I have finished it. It is ready to go to the printer. I am gathering some pre-orders before I send it off! Once the deck is ready to ship, you will be notified by email and home to you it goes!