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What Else is True? Inner Wisdom Deck by Birdi Sinclair. Live Happier. Self discovery, healing, clarity, focus. What shifts as you are more yourSelf? Easily quiet invisible forces, stop the spin, embody calm. Level up thoughts, emotions, automatic responses, energy, connections. Enter symbolic portals to connect inner mysteries with an awakening mind. Sow seeds to integrate with the present. Science, wellness, psychology & spirituality combine with Birdi’s expertise.

Accept the Invitation.


These are not oracle cards, yet they may be surprising how in tune they are with your truth and your moments. Lean in. These are conversations your Self has been asking for....


Each richly illustrated card and phrase is a layered, symbolic portal designed to connect with your inner mysteries as much as your awakened mind. The Booklet enhances happiness through simple catalysts, Grow understandings to integrate your natural experiences you will have with your card. 


You will: Question. Support yourself. Be curious. Laugh. Wonder. Follow ideas. Be patient. Find calm. Quiet invisible forces. Soften inner tough-talk into an invitation to release pain and go deeper, to be in this moment differently. Stop the spin. Awaken your inner wisdom. Unleash your creative mind.


You will surprise yourself with what you find, how things shift when you accept the invitation and claim your keys.


WEIT is based on science, wellness, psychology, and spiritual practices combined with Dr. Birdi Sinclair's experience as a Spiritual Guide & Positive Transformation Coach. Embody the cards' phrases and imagery as the concepts in the book seed and root within. You will notice lasting changes in your thoughts, emotions, automatic responses, energy level, experiences, connections in many areas of your life. Your inner happiness will grow.


What Else is True? is an Inner Wisdom Deck and Guidebook bridging your awareness to where more clarity, joy, and focus are always available.



* 54 Cards: 50 illustrated and 4 descriptive Quick Start

* Guidebook to chart your path with confidence

* QR code included for printable version of guidebook & enhanced content


I'm so glad you are here. Enjoy the pre-buy! When you purchase, you will be on an email list of updates and will receive your deck SOON - with a few suprise goodies. 

In kindness, 

Birdi xo


SOON! The "What Else is True?" Deck Companion: Guided Journal & Undated Planner

to amplify, support, and reinforce your explorations with this guide and deck. Focus on Being not Doing, and be amazed how things still get done, and done well.


    What Else Is True? Inner Wisdom Deck

    $33.00 Regular Price
    $28.00Sale Price
    Expected to ship by early-mid February
    • I have finished it. It is ready to go to the printer. I am gathering some pre-orders before I send it off! Once the deck is ready to ship, you will be notified by email and home to you it goes! (with some special little thank you surprises!)

    • Soon: the Companion Guided Journal I created at the urging of a friend who fell in love with the deck and convinced me how great a journal would be with it will be ready! (and if you purchase the deck on pre-buy, you will get a special dealio) It has more than pages for the card pulls. It has undated planner pages for Being as you Do, trackers and fun, simple paths for integrating what you are discovering with your deck explorations. 

      I'm very excited about it. It's coming out great. Thanks, Peggie, for being the catalyst for this! 

      Get on the In the Know list if you would like to be notified when it's ready! 

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