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*digital version

Introducing the Companion Journals ++ for the What Else Is True? Inner Wisdom Deck. This beautifully illustrated and practical, guided journal is the perfect complement to expand your inner conversations and self-discovery. With planner and tracker features, you can explore the story under the story and unlock your mind, body, and spirit freedom. Inside, you will find sheets to design your own rituals, daily, weekly, seasonal and yearly reflection pages to connect with BEING as you embrace your goals with all we do. The goal is integrating Wholeness in all aspects of living. 


Establishing trust in yourself and embracing your wholeness is something you can do each day. Live into being your true self in all that you do, think, feel, share, and know. Keep exploring the possibilities of what else is true to nurture all aspects of your being, helping you achieve balance and harmony in moments a day. This journal is guided to retrain our systems and connect with our inner languages for anyone looking to deepen their connection with their inner wisdom and lead a more fulfilling life.


Each printed Journal includes a digital version. They are undated, and designed for quarterly use to allow for real connection and checking in with the movement of self and life. Each guided journal has a similar structure but different pages and trackers. They are designed to fit together and be partners with each other. It doesn't matter which order or when you buy them. Start where you are. Your cycle and season does not have to match the season of the cover. You can Feel you are in Spring, even if it is in Fall. xo, Birdi

Digital Companion Journals ++ for What Else Is True?Inner Wisdom Deck