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Spring Equinox Ceremony and Retreat

Why is this retreat so special to me? There is something about the Equinox that is remarkable. It is the bold reminder in the cycles and patterns in nature, that we are all a part of, uniting the whole of the earth, twice a year in a between space of the dark and the light, the space between the threads of the lace, the structure of the whole, the seen and unseen. We suspend for a few moments to remind us that there is a need to rejoice in the Between of it, all of us, all beings, everywhere. We feel the hope, the transition. We celebrate the return of the light, we contemplate the return of the darkness. We plan. We create. We feel it with our whole being and senses. We go within, we come out. In the moment of the Equinox we are in a suspended moment of possibility, of equal consideration of what was and what can be.

We are. We are together.

Butterfly in chrysalis stages emerging

If you would like to join us this Sunday at a retreat, one that I have prepared from my heart and passions,

Click the button to go to registration and we will enjoy a beautiful and memorable time together, and come away with many anchoring practices, and a creation to bring you there again easily . I will be there.

Questions? Ask me.

Spring Equinox ceremony and Retreat poster Birdi Sinclair

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