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Take your time. I am here. 

After looking below, if there is something you feel you would like to explore together, if there is support I can offer, I am here. There is a place to cherish and embody these relationships for the depth that they are, and to feel the full spectrum of loss and changes of life without them physically near. I am here to companion these times in a variety of ways. It begins with a consultation. We can go from there, or you can schedule directly if you know what will be the best fit. I am here. 

Butterfly on Thistle

Support and Care in the Illness, Grief, Loss of
Our Animal Companions

cat presses forehead on resting dog

Animal Communication

Connected - Living or Passed

wild horses in field with blooming trees

Animal Companion Legacy Projects

Meaningful Expressions

pet urn held in hands

Pet Grief and Loss Care

Support Care for Unique Grieving Needs

trees in fog birds and animals

Pet Portraits

Unique Customized Portraits

butterfly on thistle

Ritual, Ceremony, Prayer for Pets

Spiritual Expression for our Pets in Illness, Loss, Death

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