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Pet Grief and Loss Care

Support Care for the Special Loss and Grieving Needs that come with "Pet" Relationships

Pet Grief and Loss Care

Grief for our animal companions sometimes falls under the category of "disenfranchised grief" because it is not a socially acceptable grief. We as a society are getting a little better about it as more people are being are being more open about the depth of their connections with their animals of all sorts. Still, it is not easy to explain how completely devastated and lost we may feel.

After a few days, a week, we are expected to be back to business as usual, yet often nothing could be further from the truth and people can feel even more isolated and physical symptoms can begin.

There is a lot going on in our body, mind, spirit when grief is within us. It is not something to manage alone. The grief in the loss of an animal companion is very real, deep, important. Feeling that support and understanding is available is also important. Please know that I am among many resources.

Contact me for information, care, or access to other forms of resources, and know, regardless of our spiritual practices, we are never as alone as we may feel. There is someone, somewhere in the world, feeling exactly as you do. What would you wish for them? Send that to them, feel, sense, imagine, that they would also send this to you. Peace be with you.

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