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Animal Companion Legacy Projects

Meaningful Expressions

Animal Companion Legacy Projects

Our Animal Companions have belongings, habits, activities, accounts, relationships, community involvements, strengths and personalities. They have ways that they have evolved us.

A Legacy Project takes can be a simple writing, a creation from their belongings, a self-published work, something planted, and it can be something much larger like a fund-raising event, and everything in between. What it also is, is an acknowledgement of their life, and their impact on yours. It can be a way of healing and integrating them into your being, and establishing their continuation.

It is a very strange thing to put their belongings so full of their life, and put them in the trash. There is no timeline that is right or wrong or rule about what is or isn't meaningful of if we need to keep anything at all. A legacy project could be a non-physical thing, a tangible thing, or both. It could be a practice you create in your routines.

As a therapeutic artist, an EOL doula for animals, and a spiritual guide, I am devoted to practices that can partner with your ideas to manifest them, whatever they may be. Let's start with a consultation, then we'll know exactly what comes next.

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