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A limited  time gift for you :
Your Guide to a Mind Body SpiritTune In

I created this guide as a gift for you from some of the most common needs many people come to see me with.

Sometimes we need some skills and reminders more than we need anything else. 

I want to help you with this. 

A little stillness, care, focus, skilled freshness goes a long way.

Let me show you.

Get the Guide
        I created
            just for you. 

Clear Framework to Explore

3 guiding ideas to hone in using a blend of my expertise, science, and spirituality: making it memorable, relevant, and accessible


A Tune In focused on thoughtful, every day connections

A clear Check list + Self-awareness prompts gives you a framework to feel grounded, connected, clear on what you are in synch with, (or not) where to focus, (or not) and most importantly

how to trust yourself, even when things feel wonky.

I have outlined a path forward for you when a crossroads has you feeling confused, disrupted, or simply like it's time to catch up with yourself
MBS Connection Wellness Checklist 1of7 Birdi Sinclair.jpg

You can settle in with your guide once a year, or quarterly, or anytime you feel a need to anchor in with your Self. 

Get some tea, set aside 30 minutes or better yet,
an hour.
Inspire your being to Reconnect. 

An hour with this guide can: Shift your Clarity, Direction, Focus and help you feel more in tune with your Self, even your Relationships, your Path,
than you have maybe in a long time.


If I can help you with your Mind Body Spirit healing, direction, focus, connection within yourself, your relationships, your goals and changes, let's schedule a session together.

By downloading this guide, you will also get Peace Notes, which is another gift from my heart to yours.
Ideas, thoughts, invitations, special offers, a poem, that
I create with you in mind.

Bits of Joy, Healing, Curiosity. 

I find emails so much more personal than social media, but please join me there too! It will be fun to grow that together.
Gees, that is a new planet for me.

We are all leaning in and changing, being stretched, growing together in more ways than we can ever know.
We are never truly in it alone.

Thank you for being here, just as you are. 

in Lovingkindness, 

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