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Meet Rev. Dr. Birdi Sinclair

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My Foundation, Inspiration, Training
(what gets me pumped still)...

As a new hospice nurse in NYC in the 1980s, a lot was happening within me and around me. Hospice, AIDS, and the interfaith movement were all relatively new. I was just entering my own adult selfhood, and single motherhood. These three converged like lightening within my own forming sense of purpose. I was ordained as an interfaith minister because my heart was so moved by the needs and injustices faced by those with AIDS, and as an interfaith minister, my deep spirituality found a road and a community to move with my heart and hands. The hospice movement also spoke to both dignity and deep, holistic, intelligent, tender care that I felt was most needed at a time when people were turning on each other once again in a darkest time of need. 

Art - of all sorts, well, there are times that words can't even scratch the awe or depths of all of this. If it's the awe of despair or the enormity of love or incredible wonder. I think, without art, I would not breathe. I think it saves my life and I've seen it heal relationships and revive souls again and again. Art is magical. It must mean we are

magical. Then all things are possible somehow. We can find each other, and our selves, revisit what we need, and create a newness. YES. 

My education always continued with this early foundation and passion as its guide, as my heart opened wider with the conditions and connections to our world for myself as much as for meeting with you. 

I love the way learning from each other has become more accessible. My career as you experience it today still builds on my calling, my passion, my deep wonder. A peek at my doctorate is wholeness through sacred dialogue, engagement and activism.


I am. We are. 

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What's the Woo Woo About?

Being aware of a greater more all of my life that  I believe we all are a part of, and having a robustly curious, spiritual, immigrant family with a complex story, I find ways to put to use this deep well of compassion and insight that is available to me.


There are many words for it. I am not truly comfortable with any of them because most of them, to me, are pushed and pulled in a politicized or multi trillion dollar industry, which makes them strange. But, they are all in my wheelhouse as a beautiful language as sacred as my organs and breath, even if that sounds dramatic.  - some of them are psychic medium, medical intuitive, animal communicator, mystic, channel, etc.

I am as I was made, just like everyone, and like everyone, I have focused on what matters to me to develop myself. It all mixes together to be of service to that I know as Love.

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Gliding Stingray
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You and Me Together...

You are the expert on you, your relationships and connections to your being, curiosity, needs, your losses and disruptions, your pain or wondering. I am a  companion to your own wholeness and homecoming in those moments.


We all experience these times. It is the condition of life, that may widen our spectrum of understanding and love if we allow it. We are never as alone as we may feel, even in our darkest, most intimate anguish, loss, confusion.


Together, we will get to the core, kindly, cleanly, whatever it is we come together to focus on. With the decades of experience and skills I have and your expertise on you, we will find your way.


Peace Begins now. Each now is new. 

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