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Meet Birdi
I am so happy you are here. Rest, explore,
ask me anything. 


I’m Rev. Dr. Birdi- your Mind Body Spirit Master Coach, Intuitive Guide and Wholeness Arts Specialist. 


When life has us asking what our path is, brings us losses, feels chaotic, anxious and we’re unsure, we may be feeling like we don’t trust ourselves, our ideas, or that we’re not heard even when we do. We can start to believe we're stuck, repeating patterns or like something is off and when we’re trying to get back to another time when things seemed better…


What this actually means is we’re trying to get through to another shore. We are in the between.

We might lapse into thinking going back is the answer because it’s familiar, but that’s not where we’re going. We’re not the same.

We are ready to break patterns, ask questions, shift, heal, explore. We can do this with kindness and curiosity, maybe with a little guidance and care along the way. It can be easier, simpler than it feels in this moment.

What are we trying so hard to move toward? It's right there for us, if we give it some room instead of pushing past it with worry and busyness. It's telling us to try something, do something, differently. What will that be?



begin now. each now is new 

we can be with ourselves, each other gently
from here, the field, the sky opens  
we have been witnessed, we have rest. 
we have choice. 
here. we begin. peace begins. 

Birdi Sinclair

A Limited Time GIFT:

Mind Body Spirit Tune In Guide

for clarity, connection when we feel we are at a crossroads or that we are stuck.

I created this guide for you!


Rev. Dr. Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace

I have over 30 years experience helping people when they are at a crossroads to find their way home to themselves, restoring their spiritual well-being and connections, healing what has been lingering and causing ripples of pain.


What returns is Wholeness, self trust, and clarity in their lives and relationships in meaningful, lasting ways. We also set and reach authentic mind body spirit goals as we explore inner, inter, and intra being - which is simply all the ways we connect with ourselves and others. We meet in sessions, classes, groups, and products I have prepared so you can have a variety of supports when and how you need them most.

I am with you, however you choose for us to walk together, or simply in my heart. We're designed to care for one another. We're all connected.

Peace begins in this knowing, and we can remember this in each new moment.
How else does peace begin for you?

Come on in. The kettle is on. We'll have tea and begin.


Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace
The kettle is on Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace

There are some surprises and gifts hidden and in the open. Can you find them? We can play together, too, me and you.
Joy is everywhere, anywhere. 

Begin Peace, now...

Be Still. Trust yourself. What is your instinct for our time together?

  • Identity

  • spirituality

  • purpose

Gain clarity, inner calm, deeper connection to your mind body spirit knowing​ of your Uniqueness

Being = AM

  • loves

  • family bonds

  • vocations

Improve your communication, understandings, ​shift perceptions, heal, grow within your relationships​

Intra = Within


our Worlds

  • social

  • our spaces

  • be-longings

Settle anxiety, connect  truly, shift, resolve patterns, feel confident even in chaos, Embody what it means to Inter-be​

Inter = Between

Begin Now

We can do this in a few ways. Trust yourself to know which way is your way.

Spiritual Coaching, Counseling, Direction

At times we may feel stuck, wondering our path, oe feeling confusion, even loss in the changes of life, relationships, in our bodies. Self-discovery, Healing, Care. Development. Deep questions of connection, belonging, rest, expansion, becoming, healing in mind, body, spirit are often the focus of this personalized space we create. We decide together. For individuals, couples, and non-traditional relationships.

Groups, Classes, Retreats

Joyful, playful, transforming are some of the words people have used. Supportive, creative, healing, refining explorations, bring awareness to our other languages within us. No creative experience or confidence needed, or plenty. It's not about art. It's about our wholeness given options. Live or pre-recorded, private community. Groups are topical meetups, not recorded, just for us. All are in motion, or even at rest, together. Our places. Our Wholeness in motion.

Plantain Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace
Birdi Sinclair spiritual arts

As an engaged mystic, I am a lifelong psychic medium, animal communicator, and medical intuitive.We can call it whatever the current trend is. I simply am. There is an expression, " A hollow bone" meaning it channels through me, not of me. I am of loving service. These sessions are supportive, full of details and content I would have no way of knowing, kind, guiding. useful, no fluff. It is love, witness. It is yours. I am simply a conduit for the love force that is already around you. 

Intuitive Services

Original Art

As a spiritual artist and author, and a playful person, I am aware of micro moments, in nature, and our senses and being, our connections. It is subtle, and ever present. Cycles say begin and begin again, regardless of any other circumstance or condition. It is the way. We follow our inner cycles, and we notice or we do not, and begin, and begin again. Legacy and Animal Portraits, Landscapes, nature, sea, kinetic sculptures, spiritual art, light play, custom tiaras, more... Why do we hunger for beauty? I do not know, but we do, and we give space for it, like air.

red rubber plant Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace

New and supportive products are also becoming available. You ask for it, I hear you! I'm on it! Look on the menu, you'll see where they will live. 


"We weren't even sure what we were looking for. We were in a rut, having some problems with work, getting ready to sell a property, having some in-law issues and some other things. She was not at all judgmental or negative and kept us positive and productive. The insights she was able to share with us were priceless. We can't even tell you. EVERYTHING. She'll help you."

— Brian and Jamir

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My hosts were great, even if they made me realize I am actually a crone... huh. 

Citrus Fruits

The music is on, and my hands are into something, so let yourself in. We'll have tea. There's always time, and time for tea.
I'm so glad you're here.


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