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Meet Birdi


begin now. each now is new 

we can be with ourselves, each other gently
from here, the field, the sky opens  
we have been witnessed, we have rest. 
we have choice. 
here. we begin. peace begins. 

Birdi Sinclair

Rev. Dr. Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace

I'm glad you're here.

For 30 years I have been working with people, guiding their transformations and healing. I have learned, we all share a journey to quiet the mind and experience our hearts, to embody peace.

It is our most intimate and sacred task.

My earliest memory, about 3, I was driven to create quiet, joy, curiosity, peace amidst chaos. I have devoted my life to helping others embrace this peace and connection to more.

Our wiring is for happiness.

We can engage gently to remember.

When we are at a crossroads, we may feel stuck,

second guessing our minds, options.

We are never as stuck as we may feel.

You are ready for the next steps between here and there.


We embrace healing and self-discovery with ease and kindness

as your important life questions lead to

Happiness, Inner Peace, and Clarity,

all within reach, no matter your circumstances. 

We have many ways to do this together. Let me show you.


Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace
The kettle is on Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace

There are some surprises and gifts hidden and in the open. Can you find them? We can play together, too, me and you.
Joy is everywhere, anywhere. 

What Else is True? an Inner Wisdom Deck

Live Happier. Self discovery, healing, clarity, focus in this beautifully illustrated, easy system. What shifts as you are more yourSelf? 

Inspire to rewire!


Accept the Invitation! 

Pre-buy now open! 

Begin Now

 Trust yourself to know which way is your way.

Spiritual Coaching, Counseling, Direction

Experienced processes to guide, focus, support you as you discover, heal, create movement.

Relationship Coaching

Not Talk Therapy. Based on Communication, Kindness, Measurable Action steps. 

Traditional & non-traditional relationships welcome. 


Coaching Plans share our mutual commitment for a block of sessions. Live into the processes we create. 

 Classes: Online. Pre-recorded or real time

No Creativity or plenty. Based in Exploration, Science. Spirituality. Joyful, playful, transforming are some of the words people use.

Groups & Retreats: Online, Live. Not Recorded

Supportive, creative, healing, refining explorations, bring awareness to our other languages within us.


Memberships for focused growth, healing, discovery, & community are offered for enrollment on invitation. Sign up to learn more. 

Plantain Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace

Supportive Products & Original Art

Everything I design has roots in our work together, and in love, supporting and companioning your goals, deepening connections. 

Conscious Business Development Coaching

Neshama - the marrow of your soul. Align with your true essence in your business endeavors. Marketing, strategizing from this place of authenticity, soulful purpose.

Business Speaker, Presenter, Coach & Soulful Happiness Mindset Panelist

Plans available for Healthcare industry leaders addressing happiness through emotional, mental, and spiritual intelligence.

red rubber plant Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace
Birdi Sinclair spiritual arts

Intuitive Services

As an empath and engaged mystic, I am a psychic medium, medical intuitive & animal communicator. Let's focus on now in content that supports your clarity.

Grief & Loss

Find your path to who you are now, & what happiness means. As an End of Life Doula, we can also plan, manage, support legacy and concerns around end of life.

Ritual & Ceremony Design

Open to anyone celebrating, understanding life's milestones & evolving sacred space within & around you. 


"We weren't even sure what we were looking for. We were in a rut, having some problems with work, getting ready to sell a property, having some in-law issues and some other things. She was not at all judgmental or negative and kept us positive and productive. The insights she was able to share with us were priceless. We can't even tell you. EVERYTHING. She'll help you."

— Brian and Jamir

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My hosts were great, even if they made me realize I am actually a crone... huh. 

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Citrus Fruits

The music is on, and my hands are into something, so let yourself in. We'll have tea. There's always time, and time for tea.
I'm so glad you're here.


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