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Our Animal - Bird-Other Species Connections

There's a special kind of grief for our animal companions. If this is what you're experiencing, let's meet. 

Follow here to a special selection of services for these particular needs. 

Grief Care
& End of Life Doula Services

They are connected and also, we experience grief, loss over divorce, life and health changes, jobs, moving, many things unrelated to the end of life. There are many types of grief - Anticipation, Preparation, In the Moment, Reflective/Remembrance. EOL doula care has 4 different parts: Preparing, Vigil, Death, After Care.

Each part has its own mind, body, spirit needs,

in our inner lives and our outer lives, just like grief/loss.

These are among the most immersive and universal of Between times.

Grief, Loss

We as a society leave very little space for any type of grief, loss, yet we experience it repeatedly and regularly. Changes, community breakdowns, roles, health disruptions, relationships and betrayals, identity struggles or social acceptance, suddenness, growth, so many experiences can go on this list. Yet, personally in our families, friendships, our communities, workplaces, even some of our religious spaces provide little in the way of guidance, ideas, true support, care in how to understand this very real and normal experience that is not even exclusive to humans. It is a universal language of nature. It is part of love, survival, belonging, and even morality. 

We can explore and understand these spaces within you honestly, gently, and learn your care and feeding guide, leaning into what your Between is asking for so that you may live in Wholeness, in all circumstances and conditions of life. 

Call or visit scheduling when you feel the time is right. 

Experienced with: Individuals, couples, small groups, organizations. 

contact me for organizational needs. 

Candle in Hands

End of Life Doula

People and also Animals
Sometimes called a death doula,
like a birth doula

There is a presence doulas can offer, deep listening, teaching, supporting, coordinating, creating, structuring, honoring, simplifying, conveying, communicating, easing, holding, releasing, encapsulating, and so much more or less... as needed. Companioning is the Greek definition but the word lacks the depth of intention and possibility. 

. . . 

Each person has a role, and the doula's role is to deeply listen, be present so to have the role between roles and unify or hold and create or guide what is needed. Legacy projects, life review work, processing and sharing in the experience, ritual creation, teaching, facilitating an understanding between peoples and care teams, and so on, helps the dying person and even their carers and loved ones have a more enriched presence and clarity of life as fully as possible in a complex time.

. . . 

It is never too soon, and never too late to connect with an end of life doula. Some get in touch at the first diagnosis before any symptoms appear, others near or just after someone has passed to understand how to rejoin community and prepare a vigil and ritual. 

Some contact me for the special relationships and tender times as an animal companion is beginning their final life processes. 

. . . ​

We can hold, support, structure what feels isolating or enormous, by our unique role that has an intimate distance, involvement, and connection. The button will bring you to an info page to schedule a 1 hour free consultation so we can really talk about it. 

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