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Grief series videos parallel blog posts with some same, some different content.

Grief and loss from the inside out series videos parallel the blog posts. They are similar to the written blogs, but not exact replicas.

Sometimes it's nice to close our eyes. Listen in to the thoughts, feelings of the concepts and the ideas we may want to apply if it makes sense to us. You choose. All of it, some of it, this part, the other part, videos and posts, one or the other, sometimes this, sometimes that. This is yours, for you, like your grief. No rules. Your own.

The inner community is also available, extending on the topics presenting in the videos and blog posts. It is a free, private space where we go deeper. There are ideas, audio files, and even an optional grief peer support group to share whatever you may like with each other. You can get more information and sign up here. To protect everyone's privacy, the inner space will close soon after the series is completes.

Please know I am here with you and contact me for any support you may need. I created this series out of deep care and awareness, knowing that we are not as alone as we may feel in these times. Of course, not all topics will speak to what we may be experiencing. We may relate to some, all or none. We may wave in and out of all kinds of aspects, even in the same day, or not at all until years from now. Every loss and grief is different. My hope is the inner conversation is given a model and some options to stretch that understanding and awareness, and that we are able to find our birthright of wholeness, connection, belonging, regardless of our circumstances, losses, anguish.

Here is the Introduction video post:



Blog Posts, Intimate topics with understanding, ideas

Videos to seed the topics with compassion and movement 

Audio files and other extra content to support our topics 

Private, Insider Community, Bonus Content

Grief and Loss from the Inside Out

a multi-part, free series, from my heart to yours... 

Beginning in July, spanning several weeks. My decades of professional and personal experience are yours.
We are more together.

Love your neighbor as yourself & love the life of another. Live love. If we can't feel it, look around for evidence of it. It will be there. It will fill your cup again.
~ Rev. Dr. Birdi Sinclair.