About Grief and Loss Between the Raw and Out a multi media free series

Grief and Loss Between the Raw and Out: a multi-media free series. Not phases of grief, but about inner raw experiences we may have few words to share or society may have little room for, and as we move out into ourselves and the world, in the Between of loss and remembering Wholeness.

Who is this Grief and Loss online series for? Anyone grieving the loss of a person/people or animal companion/pet. The loss can be recent or not. If you are in a grief state that you are struggling with, navigating, feeling isolated with, or in any way trying to understand in mind, body, spirit, please find a home here and know you are not alone. This is not about the stages of grief, or a psychological tour of grief. It is a caring exploration between the depths of the loss and out into the air, in the raw inner space of it, companioning you as we make sense of it with my decades of experience and training as a grief specialist and spiritual companion and your self knowledge in your birthright as a whole being.

Over a dozen posts, videos, audio files and more, offered one at a time, exploring the intimate experiences, not as phases. We may find ourselves throughout the day, weeks, months, even years moving between any of these like a sphere, because grief is not linear. We don't "get through it." We learn ourselves and our lives and enter our selves in a renewed relationship. Each post explores the inner experience and the outer reflection, on a path of understanding. (starting July 2022)

Grief is not really a process, is it? A process implies a tidy ending with a structure we can follow. Grief has no such rules. It is spherical. We get plunged into the core of it, climb out of the consumption of it, sense it, discover it, get to know the difference between ourselves and it. It's more like a being. We roll it around and experience it anew, maybe through the rest of our lives. We learn how to embody it, because once we experience it, we are never the same. What choice do we have? It becomes a part of us that our soul recognizes when it comes to visit. It's so very much like falling in love. In fact, we can't have one without the other.

This series on grief and loss is a place to come for being and moving with the inner places we sometimes have no words for, finding them together. With a little companionship, guidance, we navigate this tender time between then and now, from the inside of this loss, this grief, out into recognizing our wholeness. We arrive not through it, but with a richer understanding of ourselves, the Who am I now? as we reclaim our existence in body, mind, spirit. I offer this series out of passion and deep care for our mind, body, spirit unity, from the decades of experience in the between of it in these raw times with people and even my own life. We are a community. All together. All are welcome.

An Inner Community is created for a safe, private space for those who would like some deeper content and a group vibe for a while. There is extra content and some access to me there. It is also free. It is not on Facebook, it is on my site and you can sign up so it is a password protected space. You can access these posts and some content without signing up, and more if you do sign up for the inner community. It's all free. I'm always available through my site if you have questions or needs.

I've added a free consultation link in case you want to have a quick chat to see if more support would be helpful.

In kindness,

Dr. Birdi Sinclair


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Grief and Loss from the Inside Out

a multi-part, free series, from my heart to yours... 

Beginning in July, spanning several weeks. My decades of professional and personal experience are yours.
We are more together.

Love your neighbor as yourself & love the life of another. Live love. If we can't feel it, look around for evidence of it. It will be there. It will fill your cup again.
~ Rev. Dr. Birdi Sinclair.