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Still as a Hummingbird





About the Course

Still as a Hummingbird

Online course with Birdi Sinclair

using symbolism, nature, to create an anchor to our inner stillness within the busy-ness

online course with Birdi Sinclair

Do you consider yourself creative? Do you not? Either is ok. We will explore our inner symbolism, our relationship with words, colors, more, and we will allow Hummingbird to be our suprising teacher and guide us to our core of stillness in any circumstance.

I provide several lessons, videos, guidebooks, audios, contemplations, instructions in shapes and design, for your ease and success in creating a one of a kind piece that will speak to your soul and create an anchor to your core languages of connection, stillness.

There are many hours of instruction in here, and skills you will apply to other things. It will live within you and something you will be able to repeat happily. Supplies can be whatever you have on hand, even though I will use primarily golden fluid acrylics, or heavy body acrylics. Liquitex basics and a bit of canvas board are great, a couple of paintbrushes and your fingers, a sheet of copy paper and a few sheets in a sketchbook - you could use more than this, less than this, pastels, whatever. You'll see.

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Click this link to the course on my course platform:

Still as a Hummingbird - More Info

Want to enroll? You can go here, and have simple payments or one for the same price and features:

Still as a Hummingbird- enroll

I am with you the whole time, easy to access. And there are a few live extensions offered throughout the year as a separate invitation if you decide you would like to participate. So Fun! Extra content, like a stillness and hummingbird retreat.

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