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Inner Languages and Tea





About the Course

Inner Languages and Tea\

an online course with Birdi Sinclair,

inner sacredness, connection, and discovery

Online course with Birdi Sinclair Tea ceremony, exploring bridges to sacred inner langaguages

Opening and closing with a tea contemplation, we share the cylces of nature through tea, the unifying life of tea. From here, we explore a zen practice of enso, and then we begin several explorations of color, words, creating and understanding personal symbolism.

This course is fun and also deeply introspective and explansive at the same time.

I enjoy creating this. I an considering creating a course only on enso. What do you think? I thknk yes.

If you would like more information on this course, please click to go to the page on my course platform:

Inner Languages and Tea more info

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Do not purchase this if you have Still as a Hummingbird. If have the hummingbird course and you're curious, I will give you a code for the missing elements. This class has some of the beginning elements in Still as a Hummingbird. If you purchase Inner Languages, there will be a discount offered for Hummingbird. Still as a Hummingbird does not have the tea ceremony or enso, there are a few differences. Also, the way it is applied and then continued into the Hummingbird section is a whole entire piece in iteself. The discount offered for the next course accounts for the overlap. :)

It is not redundant to do the activities again with the hummingbird project as the focus. I do these activities myself periodically because it is, I am, we are fluid. We are alive, in motion. It is good to have a bridge to our selves. In fact, I offer a bundle of 3 courses, 10 minutes, Inner Languages, Still as a Hummingbird, and include a 1:1 session with me. It's a good deal for the right person.

Your Instructor

Birdi Sinclair

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Birdi Sinclair
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