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10 Minutes and





About the Course

10 Minutes and

an online course: centering, connection, self-discovery with Birdi Sinclair

10 Minutes and, an online course guided to increase calm, presence, connection,  with Birdi Sinclair

In a few minutes a day, this guided course will connect you with your self, your place in nature, and your curiosity and perhaps longing for an understanding of your own type of spitiruality and belonging to your self, your world, your relationships, your purpose.

Using a bit of science, psychology, world spirituality, and wonder, we combine with cylces and nature, and I guide you to a rich path home to yourself.

If you would lke to know more, here is a link to the course info page:

10 Minutes and, more info

If you would like to enroll, here is a direct link:

10 Minutes and, Enroll

I am with you every step of the way, even though it is self-guided. I am easily accessible. Email me and it is almost like rubbing a genie's lamp. I'll be there. This is a practice of my own and one I have companioned so many hundreds of people through over the decades. It is magical. Lean in. It's yours to know and belong to.


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Birdi Sinclair

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Birdi Sinclair
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