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 It's not about art, creativity, perfection.

It's about witnessing, having that conversation with our selves. 



My sister site is a gate to our courses, groups, discussion places, explorations and discoveries, like Teachable but better. It's organized and easy access to our content. There is also a private group and community space away from the noise and privacy intrusions of social media. We can gather there but it is never mandatory, only pleasant. No crucial content is every added there. Supportive, social spaces are very nice and even important for some, and stressful for others.


Know yourself. Support yourself well.


also means knowing: Wholeness, Happiness! is our Birthright

Our cells know it. We have paths to it. The arts is a gift in that it is a language we all share, not a gift in the sense of a talent only for a few.  

These are examples of classes (and others) in development RIGHT NOW - coming soon - others ready, not listed here! 

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