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Completely hand-crafted in small batches. 

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Experienced breathe-er and focus-er or just beginning an understanding how breath is your key home to your self, these dice will companion you in an easy conversation, teaching, talking, guiding you easily beyond "Take 10, Just breathe. "

They will open an endless conversation and deepen it, enliven relationships with aspects of your self, nature, others. Yes, these dice can do all of that. I’ll show you.

Always in love, 


Welcome to a unique and useful experience! 

The Dice

These simple pieces of art are intimate companions, each hand-crafted set is unique in all the world. They are dice, which creates ready and portable, private and fun guides to our core, moving us from a disjointed space toward alignment, connection, discovery, inter-being, belonging to self and to the greater more.

All of the dice, in the base set and any extension dice are nature-themed creations, collaborated with Citrus Sloth to bring into being. 

Leaf Pattern Design

Breath Dice™

Each set has two, 8-sided die, pairing themes of breath and presence, our inner and outer self, and a QR code linking to rich content to instruct and companion your endless experiences with this simple but elegant and personal inter-being practice. I have designed these dice with care, science, psychology, and world spiritual practices to be so simple to use at the most complex of times.  

They become the truest comfort, support, and companion. Use 1 or both. it's like a 3 in 1, plus the many Breath and mind, body, spirit teachings included in the content. Any Special Edition Die will mix beautifully in practice and artistry. The themes are all of nature moments, seasons.

5 Bodies of Wholeness™

 A single 6-sided dice based on my 5 Bodies of Wholeness System that I have taught , shared in sessions and conferences for decades. It is simplified into a helpful addition to the Breath Dice, and like the Breath Dice, can be used on its own or with the base set. Those who have never encountered my 5 Bodies of Wholeness System can meet it here, learning your care and feeding guide languages more gently, clearly.

This Die can be an opener to the inner conversation you may need or want to have with yourself and even another. The depth of this Die is full of curiosity and introspection. It is a contemplative practice that deepens your relationship with yourself and others.

Wellness Dice

Another base set of two, 6-sided rocks. This set differs from the Breath Dice™ as it focusses on the 6 areas of Wellness backed by the longest study of well-being. It also includes 6 breathing techniques to increase physical, mental, and emotional stamina and healing. Included are videos, guidebook, resources on how to easily integrate these concepts into your life. It's not one more thing to do. It's being.

Use 1 or both. It's like 3 in 1! and guides you soundly, easily when things feel overwhelming or unsure where to start. The supportive videos and guides are easy to learn, and remember. Any other Special Edition Die or Breath Dice™ will mix perfectly in usage and in aesthetic. As individual as you