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We ask Who AM I Now?

"I wish I could go back to the way things were," or "Who I was when," or "How I was and how things were..." Here is a link to my sister site post,, where I shared some thoughts about the feelings and thoughts of what we can do within these moments that are overcome by this sense of loss and unrest.

Rather than rewriting it here, I will link it for you. Please feel free to contact me in any way I can support you and also reach out to community. We are never as alone as we may feel. And also, perhaps, be still, curious and treat it a bit like the weather - as important information that needs true care that also passes.

These can be very persistent feelings and thoughts, but a way to relate to it is as a secret code from deep within us, that we can come to recognize as a resiliency language, showing us a symbolism of how we knew how to open ourselves or care for ourselves, meaning we can explore by partnering the "I wish things were" question into - Who am I now, and what would that look and feel like in this time of my life to engage with myself in some similar way.

Your system is giving you short hand, that THAT time in your life has a key to THIS time in your life, that you know what to do, what your care and feeding guide is, perhaps regardless of your outer circumstances. Be still, and curious in a way that steps away from the pain or longing, and becomes engaged in the secret code of your inner memory keeper that is looking to share your possibility in this time of your life experience... Read more

Let me know what you think, if it gives you some ideas or refreshes you in some way. I am here for you and with you.

In kindness,

Rev. Dr. Birdi

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