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Live as if There is No Tomorrow? No.

"Live as if today was your last day" as a tool for how to prioritize what I would like to do today?

This was the guidepost in what was supposed to be an upper level meditation program I was listening to, right in the beginning. I found it really anxiety producing, distracting. Not at all mind clearing. It was more of this same old doom-and-gloom style, punitive thinking; Punitive something taken. Reward, something given.

What was taken, if it felt punitive? It felt as if there was an attempt to chip at my inner sovereignty, my sense of security - Last DAYS!? GAH. Do I want to walk around feeling like my decisions and actions are based on THIS foundation?

It was prioritizing from a fear-based mentality. How awful. I don't want to "Live as if there's no tomorrow." I reject that model. I want to live and prioritize as if right now matters because every moment has its own value, simply because it does. Not because of some product driven, incentivized system of loss or gain. How about because it simply matters? Because value in and of itself is it’s own thing. Value has value. A Moment is a moment, and how I prioritize my moments is not contrived based on fear, it’s based on what I value, it’s based on the moment itself which has it’s own value, even if I don’t always notice, because it’s its own.

Does this mean we don't plan? Of course we plan, and we practice. Reward: something given. What will my future self thank me for by doing this now?
tomorrow or no tomorrow Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace Blog

Sometimes we need to be still enough, even very briefly, to check in and update, remember what it is we value in a moment that is challenging, busy, or new. We can ask ourselves things like: What is my core telling me? Where is my home/center? What is my intrinsic need, and the need of this moment - are they the same or different? This conversation can happen quickly because we already know, and also, we can spend deeper time with ourselves. This helps us separate from the constant messaging that is targeting subtly or not so subtly to

our guilt or damage, or wounds. In marketing, they teach to target the “pain points” - ew. Why not the gain points? Both perspectives can lead to problems solving, but one is predatory, and the other is respectful.

If healing or compassion needs to be nurtured so we can heal, grow, develop to accomplish a task or rise to meet the space we are in, then that is part of the moment, or moments, and will become clear in our stillness and inner conversations, without such harshness and double talk from our environments feeding our pain points as some kind of motivator. We can be in the state of noticing as we invest in our values and priorities. We can then remove ourselves from this investment of phrases like LAST DAYS, which pushes into our inborn concerns of impermanence and not-enough, all the many things we ALL mind mess with in one way or another.

If I mess up, If I miss the deadline, If I disappoint someone, If I

What if I remember my core: I am kind, I am creative, I am intelligent, I am present, I am distracted, I am unsure, I am anxious, And even still - I am prioritizing this because it means this to me. I know I will also care about others while I focus on this, because I can grow and do many things. I hold space for others, and be fully in what this moment needs of me.

Let’s challenge ourselves to be a little free-er from that fear structure as any form of motivation and to be present with ourselves and how we relate to these types of phrases. Eat your vegetables, someone else is starving - OR - I eat my veggies because I choose the portion and type that is right for me.

Notice. Nurture. Now.

Please reconstruct this concept however it suits you. I will reconstruct it as, “Live today as if today were today.” or “Live today as if it were filled with

moments that are important to me.”

Or “Live today.”

May all beings be in peace.

Ama la vita d’altro,

Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace

Begin Peace Birdi Sinclair

Rev. Dr. Birdi Sinclair

Interfaith Spiritual Care and Counseling

Wholeness Arts Specialist and Creator

“Begin Peace now. Each now is new.”

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