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Revisiting Past Lives, Soul Contracts, and Story Time

Often enough the conversation comes up around Past Life Readings, Soul Mates and people wanting to know more about their Soul Groups, Soul Connections, all of these things. They learn that I am a long-time hypnotist along with my spiritualism and other skills and experience and they want to "do it." Or maybe they were "at an event and the reader told us we were X and connected with X in another life" or something along these lines. I would like to open a discussion around these things. Wanna talk about it?

It's fascinating for us all. If there is a way to get more information about this, why not? Let's think together about the why and why not and consider it from a few perspectives. I do think it is important to be discerning both as a participant and a practitioner whenever we engage in regressive or progressive techniques. It is also important to be reminded and respect that reincarnation is a rich core of religious beliefs, and not the subject of this post. I think because of the ease of accessibility and curiosity of it all, some people have come to think of these things deeply in some ways, and loosely or not at all in others. The Pope holds the there is no such thing as reincarnation, the Dali Lama exists by reincarnation, and then there are many practices, anecdotes, organizations, Readers Digest stories, TV shows, and everything in between. We are not here to decide what is possible or real or true. This post is more about good self-care when considering regression or investing in the language of Soul Mate, Soul Groups, Soul Contracts and the like.

Also, I created a video, where through a story and a little chit chat at the end, we continue our exploration. The story is Neale Donald Walsch's, "The Little Soul and the Sun." Have you read it?

I am a hypnotherapist with over 30 years' experience and that includes regression and past life connections and experiences. I came to it though my degree program and as a hospice nurse and expanded on it as a therapist. It combines with my spiritual practices and offerings.

I am very careful with all past life and regression readings in part because they’re viewed almost casually in expectations and availability, also some see it as a kind of key to why they are having difficulties or validate a depth of connection. These intentions can be full of hope, curiosity, a want for answers, connection to themselves, each other, but may not lead to past life regression as the best path to these answers. I'm never sure what experiences people have had or heard about, what their pre-conceived expectations may be. People put a lot of meaning into these soul mate/soul contract connections, bringing these snapshots and concepts into their present lives and circumstances. They may make some serious life decisions based in information given at these kinds of sessions or readings. They may create some ideas about themselves, their wounds or healing paths, and relationships.


It's also important, however unsavory it is to remember, that this is a multi-trillion dollar industry, with all the lures and advertising practices and misshapen trainings of practitioners that goes with it, capitalizing on the spirituality and vulnerability of people hoping for a meaningful experience. Yes, this is a bleak statement, and it's true. It can be true without diminishing beliefs of afterlife and connections. It’s a fantastic thing to hear a good nugget in a private or group event. Some of these messages, the reader, shahman or practitioner design to play into in a feel good reading, and create a nice filler drop at events like these. It’s not difficult to see when people come together and are close. Who doesn’t want to hear something like they have a timeless link - at an event where everyone is hopeful, pumped and primed to hear something meaningful? Then people come and see me with certain expectations that they then want more depth to feed the beginnings of a story already created for them. Is it true? Maybe. Can we explore it? Probably. But I will have some questions first. It's important to spend a little time discussing the end goals and intentions what a meeting like this will be. There may be alternatives or combination of ways to meet these true goals.


When a connection has been implanted, the mind may also make decisions and invest in it, as the creator that it is. Getting information in a regression session reliably after an implanted idea has begun creating something we attach to is less likely.

Much like if I ask you to take a deep breath, right here and now, try it. Breathe in, and out. And again. Please, Feel, sense or imagine a warm sunny day, with a perfect sky. In a field, there is a most unusual tree, unlike any you have seen before, it is a tall, lush tree with purple leave and yellow dots on the trunk.This tree grows such fresh juicy sweet fruit that small, busy birds are drawn to the tree, and feel sense imagine picking this fragrant fruit. It feels like a juicy, rich plum in your hand, you can almost smell the sweetness of it and know it will be tender and delicious and so fresh to bite into. Did you picture it? Did your mouth maybe water a little?

What this demonstrates is if we believe we know even part of something, we can create it, we can manufacture, fill in our story, our memories. These are not optimum conditions for regression work.


What I’m interested in is - what is true in your bonds today (this includes with your self)? How do you nourish, respect, care for your self, with each other today? If we are honoring life in right relationship, growing, building, evolving, we can be sure whatever soul groups we are in through time are also growing, building, healing, evolving. If we are committed to being our best selves today, we are invested in all of our lives going forward and back. It's important to recognize we are many things, for example, there are bonding chemicals, hormones, that are inherent in our current magneto. The physical of our electric system is in communication. Some people we're in synch with musically, chemically, electrically- or NOT, and it’s very powerful. This can have us wondering about our soul paths, when actually it's a different invisible force entirely. We are the sum of our being, in all aspects. We are the mysteries embodied. How can we know which invisible forces are at play? Who and what do we believe?

This is where I direct all people to stillness and care. Know yourself in this life, in this environment, in this morality and expression, in these relationships. From here, discernment, choices, engagement become simplified.

I will want to know what condition are you in to discern whatever comes. What are your intentions in knowing this? How do you believe this information will enhance your present life? How are you prepared to process or integrate this experience? When we are led or given past life information, it is important to ask, how is it valuable? What will it influence in our relationships and decisions? Now that we’ve heard/experienced whatever is to come up, we often feel responsible to process it or own it as part of our story- we're already investing in it or else we would not have contacted someone like me for a continuing experience. What if something bizarre or uncomfortable comes up? Then what? Once it’s spoken or seen or experienced, it can’t be undone, whether it’s with me or anyone. People can say they know exactly where the info is coming from, but among practitioners, there is an array of beliefs. Are we unlocking stores of knowledge from our ancestors rather than our own experience? Is it cumulative symbolic, collective knowledge? Why these particular “memories” out of a whole lifetime?

I caution everyone to check a person’s credentials. Avoid anyone who has any correspondence type “certification” obtained in a few weeks or who has been doing this less than several years. Avoid a group. The practitioner needs to be able to monitor how your outer expression is mirroring your private inner experience to guide you responsibly and best. Be clear about what you really want from it and why. How it will be useful? Why does it matter? How does it align with your spirituality?

When it comes to soul mates, soul connections, soul groups, live and love each other well. You already know your relationship. Trust what you know. There may come a time where you have walked far enough together, and to release is also honoring the agreement. Or to recognize something in them or yourself and know it is not your pattern to repeat, despite the package of hopes and promises regardless of how things continue OR to embrace, honor and feel so incredible that you have this person in your inner orbit! Cherish this by the way you show up for each other. In relationships with a place, people, or self understanding, this goes beyond the scope of our post, though the steps are similar. A practice of stillness, curiosity, compassion, connection to the present is often most valuable, Regression work is a great healing tool when guided correctly. It helps guide you to the best authority of you, which is you!

I hope this conceptual introduction is supportive, expansive, directing, even liberating. Past lives, future lives - THIS life. There may be very valid times for exploring past and future lives in this life. There can be great healing and self discovery in these sessions. I have had excellent, applicable, meaningful experiences also. Is it a casual past time, something when we're curious, to offer us some proof or direction? Not likely of great value. There's more likely a story under the story of what something within us is looking to fill for us. When we are reaching so far from the now to be quenched with meaning or understanding, this may be a better time for stillness, even though it might be the most challenging thing to do. This stillness will allow your inner care and feeding guide some room to voice what is most helpful for you to begin trusting as a guide. It is seldom overwhelming joy that has us looking for these other time connections. More often, it is a time of difficulty or loneliness that has us wanting to secure that connection, validate what we do not trust, wanting to grab tighter to something that is good by increasing or justifying its value in some equally meaningful, super packed way. This leaves us available to predatory practices or even subtly destructive practices which is different than spiritual curiosity, contemplation and discovery. We may be better served by slowing down, and having this honest moment with ourselves and setting about caring for ourselves, finding the support to do this differently, nature, music, community building, spiritual practice - you will know.

It's like there's a right time or the wrong time for a one-night stand. OOPS. yes. I said that. I mean it.

Be a loving companion to yourself in this life, and have confidence you are tending to your other selves in your future and past lives, your soul contracts. What we need to know, we can become aware of in many types of experiences. Resist the urge to give away your authority. Instead, find worthy companions along the way.

If I can answer questions, or support you in anyway, please contact me. Also feel free to comment to this post and enjoy the video story and commentary at the end.

Here'a our video, a little extra

May all beings be in peace.

Ama la vita d’altro,

Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace

Begin Peace Birdi Sinclair

Rev. Dr. Birdi Sinclair

Interfaith Spiritual Care and Counseling

Wholeness Arts Specialist and Creator

“Begin Peace now. Each now is new.”


If you are interested in Spiritual Direction or Guidance in your own personal relationship with your spirituality, please feel free to contact me. Also, if you are interested in what it is to learn more about growing your own prayer, mediation, ritual or ceremony practices, this is something we can also discuss.


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