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My Dog, Companion, Guru

Birdi Sinclair Dog Guru

His mood is exactly what his face is saying 

winter eyes, spring spirit, summer heart, autumn knowing...

He's a surprising little ball of thunder, sweet and not at the same time. I'm glad. It gives us something to talk about all these years we are together.

We spend pretty much every moment of life together. He comes with me everywhere, really everywhere, for about 9 years now. He's 11-ish. 

His first 2 years are a bit mysterious, but he lets us know some things. HE LOVES INFANTS. We bump into some here and there. We don't know any and yet he gets so familiar and wants to be sure they're ok. It's a mission.

Someone must be wondering about him, those unanswered questions that sit quietly in us somewhere... You out there - He is ok. He's precious. Life is good. 

We know some yucky things also, and ... and that's behind him now... but many of us have some sort of ucky in our past that may be difficult to understand. There's a new day to consider, that moves all of us forward - skin or fur it seems. Hope is clearly interspecies.

It's powerful to think about the rescue animal movement and how much we've all gained from this physical, mental, emotional healing. I am surprised and humbled by the process. I'm also much more conscientious to never let him down, take him for granted and as a ripple, much more aware of all of my relationships. I didn't think I was that clumsy to begin with, but I'm a far more sincere being. Do you know what I mean?

Birdi Sinclair Dog Guru

My little guru is a good teacher of never forgetting but choosing love, trust, and an engaged life, a living meditation of choice while simultaneously being in the present. 

That IS as difficult as it sounds.

Sweet Pea Love Bug Gazes. Patiently Waiting. For What? Anything Anything at All. I think we're never really more than 12 feet from each other. This gives me a lot of chances to learn lots of things, whether I want to or not, about him, myself, nutrition, habits, geesums. What did I get myself into... I'm sure he asks the same thing... and yet... most days, we are just disguised as a busy or boring little dog and his human. 

As I sit here typing this and look to my right, he's gazing at me from the chair on the other side of the room, yawning. It's a grey day. 

He's in an optimum spot to look out the window, keep track of me, my sweetheart, and the birds. 

It's a busy time in our chairs, even for a grey day. 

What could be better?

Lessons from Dog:

1. Position is Everything.

2. Being "All In" ALWAYS, is also everything. 

3. Know what your  Position and Everything means to you, because, it is, after all EVERYTHING.

4. Keep your ball near by and Ball, frequently. Ball is also Everything. 

I had no idea. Yes. Yes he is so right.

5. Then truly, Be ALL IN, Always... 

6. Trust your dog about everything. Yes, he is never wrong. 

I have never known him to be wrong about a single thing. 

I am all in. 

Thanks Pup. xoxo. Who even was I before you? 

In Humble and complete love, 


©2020 Birdi Sinclair
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