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Feeling Stuck? Here are 3 Inspirational Quotes and Ideas to Get You Moving Again

Updated: Apr 16

Perspective + Awareness + Micro-choices = MOVEMENT

We all have times we feel stuck. It can be in our emotions and mindset, or patterns, or even our circumstances. We may wonder why happiness may feel elusive, if we'll ever reach that magical place. There are many articles, studies, practices offering pills, reflection, support groups, classes - all the things, maybe you've tried some. If you have, it may feel even more daunting when that stuck feeling pops up again, thinking - but I'm DOING IT! I'm doing the things!

Let's back up, simplify, demystify. This is stuff of our existence. We all find ourselves here, again and again, even though it may be for different reasons, circumstances. Regardless of the differences, some foundations steps remain constant. It can be helpful to consider these times as a sacred pause. Catch your breath and get a little curious. Following are some quotes and then some tips on how to create a bit of movement, updating.

Reflect on these 3 areas and take time with them. Where you are in each area NOW? Where in each area can you stretch? Maybe contract is a more interesting option? Feel, sense, imagine if you were to drop/immerse into them, what might that ripple effect be like? What might it be like if things stay as they are? (Hint: nothing is ever as stagnant as it may seem)

The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself.” – Maya Angelou 


When we are wanting to simplify our lives, a circumstance, we are really saying, I feel Stress, Disconnect, an inner overwhelm. Thank you, Dr. Angelou, it is not about how we can’t seem to get organized or unstuck, complete a thing, make a decision. At it’s heart, we are struggling with a sense of loss, identity, belonging, purpose. Ask the questions, like, when I think these unkind or harsh things about my Self, what is the story under the story? Am I feeling a loss of control, connection, energy? Am I overwhelmed? - by what aspects specifically? What might I actually need in this moment to feel more possible, appreciated, focussed? Generate other questions like these.

Be curious and kind while exploring your care and feeding guide.


  • In a journal or notebook, fold a sheet in half lengthwise, without tearing it out. Label one side: THIS and the other THAT

  • Each time something harsh or unfriendly washes into your mind, write it under THIS

  • In THAT, write something related in a broader perspective that demonstrates how you are more or less not exactly THIS: ex: THIS: Be quiet, no one wants to hear what you have to say. THAT: People share with me that they appreciate my unique depth and take on things, THIS: you are TOO much (whatever - emotion, energy, information), THAT: I enjoy my passion, humor and creative mind.

We can really surprise ourselves and shift so many stuck spots by starting with a micro-shifts in perspective, add kindness, and a believable self view.  Are you sensing possibility already?

(check out my What Else is True: Inner Wisdom Deck and other guides/books to help along this path!)


“I am all in a sea of wonders. I doubt; I fear; I think strange things, which I dare not confess to my own soul.”― Bram Stoker, Dracula 


What even is the mind that we believe we can keep it separate from the soul? As if we are not unified. Where does the mind come from that it believes IT and the soul are unique, that they can hide from one another, and that we, as a third party have to decipher this, and make decisions on their behalf, interpret and be the go between. What even are we? I believe none of us knows. None of us. Does a tree know it’s a tree and have the same fractures? How fun to consider, and yet, those moments we are unified, we KNOW. We know without words, EXACTLY what we are, where we belong, and we have those soul flow moments, connections… we are home. It’s ok Dracula, your soul already knows and is with you anyway. Maybe you can take up meditation? 🥳


“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama


What actions create happiness within you? Does this then ripple around you? What is the difference between interior happiness and exterior happiness? One, interior, is that happiness that comes from connection with our sense of purpose, belonging, a joy that comes living into our soul song and values. The other, exterior, comes from moments, it is more fleeting - things, an event, an idea, like if I have this, or attain that, I will be happy. We get this one backwards so often. We can be trained to feel selfish, irresponsible, because we believe pursuing interior happiness is somehow naughty, lazy, frivolous, and others will suffer for it or judge us, leave us out. Let's lean into this from another angle, just for a moment. What then makes you happy? Irresponsible activities? Gluttony, Drunkeness, Robbery? Daytime, front lawn Orgies? hmmm. Self-ish, Child-ish, Green-ish:Like a child, like green, like a self. If doing, being in actions that create some true happiness, will it then ripple into many aspects of your life in a responsible, flowing air, river, mind-heart way? 


Write into these questions and feel free to add new ones - let the answers surprise you:

  1. What does your soul stand for? Values, causes, beliefs, etc.

  2. When do you find yourself simply smiling - listening to music, dancing, walking your dog, something else?

  3. What do you wish you had more time to do, try, explore? This can be realistic, unrealistic in terms of your actual finances, circumstances, schedule. This is simply a Who am I now? tune in question.

  4. Based on #1 & 2, What are some goals you can incorporate into your day, week, month over the next 90 days? Play with ideas like: Who is with you, or not - where are you, time of day, place, serving - how are you doing it?

Keep it free flowing, meaning, stay out of your head and sense your way through this, answer more quickly and automatically, then go back and see what you can live into, even in the tiniest way. What other shifts can you make in how you speak, the words your use, what you listen to, watch, how you unwind at the end of the day, what you eat - I dunno, but you do! Keep it true, and small, simple, kind.

Let the happiness ripple begin with a small drop, then another.

a drop about to land in liquid ripples


What do these 3 Inspirational Quotes and Ideas have in common?

These 3 Inspirational Quotes and ideas remind us that we are never as 1. alone as we may feel - because these quotes are quotable, speaking to the heart of us, 2. we are never as stuck as we may feel or believe. 3. obstacles have options. With any one of these micro-shifts, we create a powerful momentum towards happiness, self-understanding, and inner well-being. Combined, lifelong skills to increase our joy within ourselves, as well as our many types of relationships, and clarity in our decisions becomes more possible and automatic. As automatic as some of the challenges and tensions we may now hold and repeat.

What a great swap!

That stuck feeling is a normal. The choice comes in what we do with it. I'm not trying to be all tough or a wise guy when I say this. It's a kind and practical statement. It's a question you can ask yourself, or an invitation you can accept. We can be swept into it, believing the clouds of it, grip it tightly, or we can loosen our hold on these times, and view it as a soulful signal in the sky letting us know we need a sacred pause to update our files. Then we have given ourselves a bit of room to ask some important questions before we take more steps forward too quickly, letting the clouds pass to reveal the beautiful, steady sky that is always just underneath them.

Put on some water. Have a tea date with your Self. Think, feel your way through these quotes and ideas. And of course, you are not alone. If I can support you, please contact me directly for a session and we can focus on

your specific needs.

Birdi Sinclair -  Begin Peace

In Kindness,

Dr. Birdi Sinclair

Spiritual Consultant & Guide

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