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Communion in IX Parts-moments in the whole

Poetry Collection of life, death and everything between, including struggle, wholeness and communion by Birdi Sinclair

I created this collection of pieces as a response to a challenge to reflect on What is Communion. It was a passion project. It inspired me to consider some very painful times within myself, what brought me in and through, what it was to be in the between of those times, others I know who struggle with depression, society, their sexuality, suicidal thinking, and the cost of companioning them. There is also hope, love, connection and joy within these pieces. 

I hope they resonate with people. They are very intimate. So far the feedback I have received is that most people find the depth of them relatable and even though the book is slim, if they take their time, they want to read it again and they get something new from it as time goes by. 

My heart is happy about this. 

I hope you too, find something of meaning in it. 

Here is an Amazon link for it. If you purchase it, leave a review? 

Communion in IX Parts: moments in the whole by Birdi Sinclair, on Amazon

I have some fun projects in process. I am almost ready with them. I'll let you know!

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