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72 Seasons of Mindful Play the timeless planner

Based on the historic Japanese Almanac, this timeless planner brings awareness to being rather than doing

A timeless, nature planner with prompts and haiku that can be used each year by Birdi Sinclair and Beth Blakesley, it is a joy to relax into the spaces to record connections, observations and relate with the timeless nature of peoples, places, and beings of the world. Who are we together as the cycles unfold? We are invited to step into this wonder.

Let us plan to be, and be in wonder for a few moments, Be is a form of doing. We are doing something when we are being. What is the purpose of your existence? Of the existence of a bloom, a slug, a drop of dew? Is any one of these more or less purposeful? We can wonder, as people through the world have wondered timelessly,

This planner is such a fun project. It has space in it for each day of the year, sure, but it has no day of the year or year set to it, so it can be used every year. It is based on the 72 seasons of the Japanese almanac and is designed to bring us into flow and curiosity of our own cycles, seasons and connections. Through this we become more centered, joyful, peaceful, and connected as we consider the impermanence and also the relatability of our place in the natural world. 

This planner is available in digital and printed versions. It is also reflective of a year-long, evergreen course and can be applied to this and also to another idea that Beth and I have up our sleeves - stay tuned. For now, enjoy it as it is. Be with it. The next step will be clear. It always is.

Link to come. 

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