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5 Bodies of Wholeness Deck

5 Bodies of Wholeness, Oracle Deck, guidance system. It's HERE! and soon, book set by Birdi Sinclair

My Deck, 5 Bodies of Wholeness, is a special deck that leads you to you. How often have we wished for a manual to life, relationships, decisions? How to get our inner trust and mojo back? How to connect more richly with our inner voice, and our communities, our families, and mostly living into our inner truth.

This system I have created is based on over 30 years in spiritual care, hospice, counseling, teaching and presenting, coaching all over the country. And now I have found more ways to present it to you for your home use.

The deck is color coded, and has symbols, images based in nature that we can connect with, might even see if we were out and about. We can look up the spiritual connection with the nature creatures or plants, moments that I have paired with the categories and words. The words are meant to be neutral enough so that we are free to connect them to each other as we move along in our connection with our reading, and our inner selves as we learn the language of our 5 Bodies, our inner anchors that steady and still us as they pick up on the messages our 5 Bodies ping to us all day long through their antenna trying to get our attention while we are so busy figuring things out. STOP!

Learn to stay in the stop and find your stillness to be with your unique body languages. They will guide you home. I know it. I have been a part of this for decades and witnessed this in action thousands of times in all kinds of circumstances. This is why I have created this system. I even based my dissertation in my doctorate program on this to be sure I maximized my experience with rich understanding of science, psychology, spirituality, biology. We are so much more and we know it.

Purchase: 5 Bodies of Wholeness Deck here >

5 Bodies of Wholeness™ Deck by Birdi Sinclair

This is a large deck with a system, and all the cards are shaped as Hexagons to allow them to fit together in unique conversations with each other. They are so easy to navigate (and put back in the box) and to use as you wish, with my system, or to adapt your own way. The system is organic enough where the structure is intuitive and also present to learn. It's about as large as a Tarot Deck. It has 108 cards, 12 are blank for adding your own to the categories, and 6 are information cards, as well as a guide booklet. There is a QR code that leads you to this site for an expanded guide with more goodies in there.

The images are photographic, based in what you might encounter in nature if you were to allow yourself to be curious and present. They are chosen to bring us into the meaning, place, space, time and words that we can connect with. The cards are color coded to be used easily in groups and to fit together to tell a story based on how they are positioned naturally. They can also simply be chosen and enjoyed as they are, without engaging in any of the system I layered into it. At first glance it may seem like there is a lot to get into, but really, in no time, the categories and colors will move easily, and it will speak to you inside yourself, the hex shapes will be drawn to themselves as if magnetized, and you will be engaged in a visceral conversation that your core being understands. 

They are also great for using with others, as conversation starters, healing and exploration bridges, and even as writing prompts in a personal or group practice. There is information included that helps it all come together, the categories, the meanings, the weavers that move between the categories. It's yours once you get it. Let it tell you who it is with you. 

This 5 Bodies of Wholeness™ deck stands on its own and also it is part of a larger project I am currently creating. There is an extended guidebook for the deck coming soon that features each card and more info on integrating and exploring the 5 Bodies model. There are usable guides, a dice set (see Breath Dice ™) relationship building guides, a full book, and even coaching plans and classes and a certifidcate program for practioners to make it as accessible as possible. One could say this is my legacy project or the culminating product offering of my life's work. 

I am happy to begin offering it to you. And I will be accessible to you after your purchase to help you enjoy and integrate it into your world in a useful way. 

Peace to you. 



Purchase your Deck here >


It is currently available to purchase through my shop at MPC. I have no markup on this deck. The deck arrives in less than 2 weeks from purchase. It was the best place I could find in cost and production for the hex shape. I did not host a pre-order or a kickstarter to raise the incredible amounts of money it costs to print a deck. I designed it over the course of years and created it from my expertise, my heart for you. It does not come in a fancy, printed box. It comes in a plain, white tuck box that I find to be more cost effective and environmentally sound. It fits the deck great. If you would like a sticker from me for your box with a deck image of the wooly bear caterpiller, email me your address, and I'll send it to you.

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