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.To learn more about this, check out this article “Accessibility: Adding an Accessibility Statement to Your Site”.

Accessibility Statement

This statement was last updated on March 27, 2024


We at Begin Peace, Birdi Sinclair are working to make our site accessible to people with disabilities and varied abilities. 

What web accessibility is

An accessible site allows visitors with disabilities to browse the site with the same or a similar level of ease and enjoyment as other visitors. This can be achieved with the capabilities of the system on which the site is operating, and through assistive technologies.

Accessibility adjustments on this site

 We are in the process of adapting this site to be in accordance with WCAG. I will update the folliwing information as it becomes clarified and completed:  [2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2 - select relevant option] guidelines, and have made the site accessible to the level of [A / AA / AAA - select relevant option]. This site's contents have been adapted to work with assistive technologies, such as screen readers and keyboard use. As part of this effort, we have also [remove irrelevant information]:

  • This is some of what needs to be done - I am openly sharing it with you, the reader for  transparency so we all may learn together - The items in bold are completed so far: 

  • Used the Accessibility Wizard to find and fix potential accessibility issues

  • Set the language of the site 

  • Set the content order of the site’s pages

  • Defined clear heading structures on all of the site’s pages

  • Added alternative text to images

  • Implemented color combinations that meet the required color contrast

  • Reduced the use of motion on the site (uh oh! I have a lot of motion on some pages! and I LOVE it)

  • Ensured all videos, audio, and files on the site are accessible

Declaration of partial compliance with the standard due to third-party content [only add if relevant]

This is another option that I am sharing with you for transparency and co-learning:

The accessibility of certain pages on the site depend on contents that do not belong to the organization, and instead belong to [enter relevant third-party name]. The following pages are affected by this: [list the URLs of the pages]. We therefore declare partial compliance with the standard for these pages.

Accessibility arrangements in the organization [only add if relevant]

This is another option that I am sharing with you for transparency and co-learning:

[Enter a description of the accessibility arrangements in the physical offices / branches of your site's organization or business. The description can include all current accessibility arrangements  - starting from the beginning of the service (e.g., the parking lot and / or  public transportation stations) to the end (such as the service desk, restaurant table, classroom etc.). It is also required to specify any additional accessibility arrangements, such as disabled services and their location, and accessibility accessories (e.g. in audio inductions and elevators) available for use]

In my physical location, it is completely accessible. I also am primarily remote, allowing for video, audio and tele support services. I am receptive to engaging with the systems you are accustomed to using. Please let me know, and I will happily learn, install, comply so to facilitate your inclusion in any of my offerings. 

Requests, issues, and suggestions

If you find an accessibility issue on the site, or if you require further assistance, you are welcome to contact us through the organization's accessibility coordinator:

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