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Still Life


We all find our own way. This is a snapshot of mine. Just a few of the bits. 


Some people have asked about my credentials and certifications, which I think is fair. I have used them in private, corporate, and non-profit settings. I speak, teach, write, have been in every form of media, and hosted a TV program on Public Television for 3 years several years ago. I've been in private practice for decades as among the great privileges of my life. Here are just some of my certifications and also, the institutions, colleges, universities I've completed my degrees at. I have been very happy with any of them, if you want to consider their programs for yourself. I left off my 18 month study of over 200 mollusks, but it was one of my favorites and I really learned a lot! Sociology, medicine, spirituality, science, and WOW the drama!  you name it - Mollusks have it going on!  There are a lot of ways I continue to educate myself. I can't possibly list them all here. Anything you want to know to feel more comfortable, please ask. So the highlights: 

Certified End of Life (EOL) Doula, INELDA and UVM/University of Vermont:

people & animals, Inelda Grief Program

Inelda logo certification Birdi Sinclair
UVM EOL Doula Certification badge Birdi Sinclair
UVM EOL DOULA CERT Animal Companions Completion Badge Birdi Sinclair

Certified Holistic Companion Animal Nutrition and Behaviors

Animal Nutrition certification logo

Public speaker, presenter, educator - LGBTQA+ over 30 years here and other organizations. 

stonewallspeakers logo

Movement Chaplain

Movement Chaplain Certificate Birdi Sinclair

Creatively Fit Life Arts Coach with Whitney Freya

Creatively Fit Coaching Certificate from Whitney Freya completion by Birdi Sinclair

Celebrant Certification

ICPC Certification Birdi Sinclair

ADHD Professional Certifications: current counseling and coaching strategies lifespan, relationships, spirituality, self-care, sexuality, more. 

Completion of many mentorships and studies in bookbinding, creative arts and writing, tea ceremony, tree-bathing, and other esoteric practices. 

(and several musical instruments that I play really poorly but enjoy so much)

I would be remiss to not mention my elders who walk with me daily in my mind, heart, and spirit. Who are part of my earliest formation in my practices and thoughts, my ethics, my curiosity and senses of wholeness, purpose. Who trained me in more-ness, and connection, my earliest and most profound, impactful teachers.  Thank you. 

The New Seminary

The New Seminary is the oldest and first interfaith seminary in the nation and the wellspring that others have come from. It was in my sight to get there to compete my doctorate and I am so pleased to have done so there. Really leaning in with a depth beyond academics changes a person, but we are already what we set out to achieve. My Masters in Theology was a concentration in many cultures, histories, practices - similarities, differences. My Ordination was re-confirmed from decades ago and appropriate to match my growth and recommitments. Spiritual Director and Master Coaching is a great match for my goals in serving, so to mix and match all of my skills, and intuitive abilities as a companion and guide.

The New Seminary Birdi Sinclair

D.Min Sacred Dialogue, Engagement and Activism

M.Th. Masters in Theology: Wholeness, Grief, Forgiveness

Certified Master Spiritual Coach/ Spiritual Director

Ordained Interfaith Minister


Direct Intensives With Rev Dr. Dorsey Blake and other notables

Howard Thurman Community Building Award Recipient

Vermont College of Fine Arts

Vermont College welcomed my generative and questioning mind. It was a very deep and explorative time. The topics I covered there were thorough and very interwoven even if they seem not so in the listing. Loss and grief is not reserved for death. Creativity can sometimes save our lives and give voice when we are voiceless and confused, empty. 

Unfortunately, like many excellent, small schools that enjoyed a long history, it was bought and closed long after I attended: It is a true loss. Dr. Ann Stanton was a direct professor of mine, who wrote this, She was a true guidepost for me in my time there.

Vermont College of Fine Arts

 Grief Specialist

Therapeutic Artist

Sexuality: Self and Society

Writing: Creative

SUNY - Stony Brook & OCCC

Community Colleges are AMAZING. I don't know where I would be without them. I went to 2 actually. The first is not listed here, even though I completed. I became interested in hypnosis because my patients who were experiencing pain and anxiety around death wanted alternatives to strong medicines. I stand by it as an excellent tool. That was over 30 years ago. I became ordained during the early days of AIDS because people need spiritual care that meets them with love and tenderness whatever they are feeling. when facing death, society, and themselves. Society was very cruel then, as it can be now. Who are we if we can not sit with another in their final pains?

Suny Orange County Community College
Stony Brook Univerity

Certified Meditation Specialist

Hypnotherapist/hypnosis, NLP



Communications Specialist/Disabilities

Hospice nursing

First Ordination:

Interfaith Minister

NYC AIDS outreach multi-spiritual cooperative, 1989

Citrus Fruits

Thank you for your interest. 

Any questions? Get in touch and...

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